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Top Perfect Sdn Bhd is a reputable Malaysia based company in automotive tuning industry and brand owner of HWL Performance Absorber ® .

Having accumulated more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying automotive accessories for both race and street cars nationwide, the company has acquired unrivalled proficiency and expertise in the field.

Top Perfect is primarily recognized for their premium quality performance shock absorber systems which are designed to meet the expectations of diverse auto buffs across the nation.

With one of the biggest line-up of products in the industry, they are equally committed to street cars as well as racing sport cars.






The first rally race - Perodua Kelisa


The journey has all started in 1986 when the co-founders, Wong and Hong with the ability to look beyond the horizon, wanted to compete in a rally race. To their dismay, they were unable to afford the rally suspension required. Undeterred, they tried to modify OEM shocks into rally shocks in a deliberate attempt to contend in rally race.

The synergism of Hong’s mechanic background and Wong’s established network in sourcing for necessary components turned out to be a perfect formula of success. As a result, the team completed the race and won a place on the podium.

The breakthrough sparked an epiphany for both of them as they began to realize the product’s potential to succeed in the marketplace.

Armed with determination and fueled with passion, they resolved to produce and cater premium quality performance absorbers that come at an affordable price for all Malaysians.



From left: Hong, Lee and Wong



Together with a new partner, Lee, Top Perfect Sdn Bhd is finally established in 1990. The company started out as a small workshop providing reconditioning services for various types of automotive shock absorbers and suspension ranging from Japanese brands to European marques. In the early days of the incorporation, majority of the jobs were manually prosecuted.

In 2003, the company ventured into manufacturing of performance absorbers. Its performance absorber, HWL debuted with MT1 series in the car spare parts marketplace, a coil-over with performance shock absorbers and adjustable coil spring.

Being a trailblazer in the performance absorbers merchandising, Top Perfect’s products are favored by the markets as it helps drivers to fulfill their need for perfection and comfort while maintaining their desired dynamics.

Since then, it has become an increasingly preferred choice for racers, workshops and manufacturers alike. Due to the popularity of performance absorbers, countless local brands started to approach Top Perfect for its OEM services.

In addition to its strong presence in the industry, Top Perfect has gained unparalleled reputation for its expertise in converting original shocks into serviceable ones.



HWL Performance Absorber ® has even superseded the original specification and redefine the standard of superior performance, elevated comfort and higher drivability. Today, HWL is offering more than just MT1 series, but also a total of 5 series encompassing over 70 models. The company also services home branded shocks and others, such as KW, HKS, TEIN, H&R and more.

Top Perfect is more than just a simple manufacturer, but rather a company which stands for innovative developments, deluxe quality and superior services.