HWL coilover provides 15 & 24 steps in rebound adjustment, 15-step for ST1 and 24-step for MT1-BS. Both the detachable and integrated knob has 'S' & 'H' or 'H' on it to indicate the direction. Default setting comes at '0' step - fully closed, soft-hard knob allows user to adjust rebound to one's driving preference - harder rebound rate for firmer ride to increase stability; or softer rebound rate for comfort.



Rebound adjustment by detachable soft-hard knob



Rebound adjustment by integrated soft-hard knob








MT1-BS, MT1-B and ST1 comes with a body housing that can be shifted. These coilovers come with a cylinder that is fully or partially threaded, which allows user to adjust the ride height. By using the right tool provided in the box, the aluminium locknut can be easily loosened for the height adjustment on body housing. The aluminium locknut shall then be tightened up after the adjustment to ensure a safe and noise-free ride.



Ride height adjustment by body-shift housing



Locknut to fix the position of body-shift housing








All HWL series apart for SH comes with spring adjustment. This does more than just assist ride height adjustment, but also allows spring preload. Preload of spring avoids bottom out, by increasing the travel length. With the adjustment of bottom spring seat (spring perch) to preload the spring, it stores up force to act against weight (vehicle & passenger) that will compress the spring, hence allows for more travel length. 



High-low adjustment by spring perch



Locknut to fix the position of spring








Coil spring is featured with all series except SH. SH is designed to use OEM spring. HWL coil spring is made of Oil Tempered Wire, with powder coat finishing. Free length and spring rate are laser printed on coil spring for users' information.  



Coil spring (MT series)



Coil spring (ST series)








Most of HWL coilover series allow overhaul. With the structure designed to be serviceable, these coilovers can be overhauled to ensure performance and ride quality.  



Screw type top close cap to allow disassembly



Holes for special tool to remove top close cap








Twin tube technology is implemented in all HWL series shock absorbers. It uses a piston to split the inner tube into two working oil chambers. During rebound and compression, the piston moves upward and downward within the inner tube, and oil flows to-and-fro the piston and giving the rebound/damping effect to absorb vibrations.  



Twin tube technology, inner tube and shell case